Wolves Discord Servers

☾🌿 Ivaylo Tribe 🌿☽ Want to role play as a wolf? To be Wild, free, and have a family? Welcome to the Tribal Wolf RP! Where it takes place as one wolf, taking control over a tribe, where she alone has to make decisions to trust other members she meets, to go by traditions left by her ancestors, and to only hope for the best that enemies won’t rise to cause a riot. This RP is : • Wolves only - No shape-shifters, werewolves, etc. just wolves with minimum paint markings on face and body ( if wanted ). May have feather earrings, bone jewelry, or anything that is Tribal like. •Semi Literate to Literate - RP's must be more than 3 sentences and all must be detailed. • Semi-Real - the wolves actions may conduct some things almost human like and may speak to one another • Mature - There will be death, cursing, marriage, etc. so please be mature in most situation in RP Come and join in! HIGH RANKS and ADMINS positions are OPEN!!
Vexfire is a fantasy land that is inhabited by a wolf pack, as well as other creatures. Its open to all types of roleplayers and all levels, though we strive for semi-literate. We advocate for respect, patience, and kindness, as well as enough maturity to handle realistic subjects within the rp such as breeding, birth, and battle. If you think your up to the task then I warmly welcome you to Vexfire🌸
This server is similar to the warrior cat books but instead of cats it with wolves.
We are the hunters of the night. Also check out The Red Angels https://discord.gg/dxrHCcr
all furry ocs are welcome here, just no gross fetishes like vore- shit like that is why people hate the furry community when most of us are nice people
This is a brand new server, though a remake of an old one. We do wolf rp and have other wolf related stuff for members to look at. If you like to rp and you like wolves then this is a good place to be! We don't have many members yet but with your help we can make this server a decent size! Thank you for taking your time to read this! Come check us out if you would like!
This is an Active, plot driven roleplay that focuses on Wolves that may or may not have certain abilities! We accept beginners, advanced roleplayers, and "Veteran" roleplayers! Follow this link https://druidpeak.weebly.com/ here for our website, or just hop on it to the server!
We are new simple wolf rp server that doubles as a community for wolf lovers. We offer Music, Roleplaying, Community, and More. We are slow growing but with your help we can make this server a fun place to hangout in!
A new server and apparently the first of it's kind on Disboard since I have not found any other servers that does Wolfblood rp. We roleplay Wolfblood which is a tv series about people who can shift into wolves. We do have a ranking system, music channels, and other stuff that is not just for roleplay even though our server's primary purpose is for roleplay. If that sounds like your thing then come and join us, we need new members!
A new wolf server for rp, we hope to keep this one open and not have to delete it because of lack of activity. We offer a friendly community, music channels, other non-rp activities, a rank up bot so you can level up and earn new ranks, and more to come in the future. If you like wolves then come join your pack!
Nameless is a large canidae species group. Our realm is very dark, and all the pack members should be well respected always. We are a strong group, even though we are growing slowly. This pack contains members from large dogs to large wolves, and have every right the kill anyone who disrespects us. Even though we are a dark-realmed pack, we still hate to have any war between our groups. People who are interested in canine roleplay may join this pack within a form on our pack linked in the server.
Two species who were once in harmony, now in a millennia long war. The Dark Wolves and the Star Wolves, two very powerful species in a fight to end the brutal ways of the Dark Wolves. The Dark Wolves were considered evil; enslaving other creatures and threatening them with their power. Eventually word got to the Star Wolves, who swore to stop them. Born a century before the war broke out, Elara was destined for great things. Even at a young age she showed promising signs of a great leader, ally, and mother. She grew up constantly training under the guidance of her parents. Through their starsight, they could see a horrible war was soon to come. When Elara was an adult, the war was in full swing. There was constant fighting, eerie howls at night signaling another death. Elara felt she was ready, and she was. She ran into battle and caught ferociously, killing or injuring many Dark Wolves. Sadly, it was not enough. The Dark Wolves kept coming, and the Star Wolves’ numbers were dwindling. The battle raged for many years, until a verdict was met. All of the Star Wolves were dead, the Dark Wolves victorious of the bloody war. They retreated to a far away corner of the world, not to be heard from again for several centuries. Elara lay next to her dead father, brutally wounded, but still alive. She had suffered an almost fatal wound, causing her to lose her left eye. Without a Dark Wolf, it would be gone forever. Her own healing abilities rendered useless by the dark matter. Two centuries after that last battle her remaining eye opened, the stars within shining with life and determination. Determination to help those who were victims of the Dark Wolves. On that day she vowed to do whatever it took to make things right again. This is the story of Elara, the last Star Wolf in existence, and her promise to try and reverse the damage the Dark Wolves have done to their world.