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Project Mundane is a Content creator / Community discord. Mainly what we do here is gaming together and helping out eachother as much as we can, we love us some banter but if it gets to toxic our support staff will take care of that. Mainly we are having a good environment and are willing to expand with good ideas. What we have: Weekly giveaways (Steam games) Active mods and supports NSFW channel Willing to expand with good ideas Special role reaction roles so theres no clutter NO bullshit @everyone tag (only for importand messages) World of Warcraft channels Rust Channels Still/Currently expanding to other games leave suggestions We are also recruiting a marketing/advertising recruiter at the moment so if you are interested come join and shoot Frost#8149 a message
Deutsche News, Multiplayer und CoOp Game Community
Stremim se da suberem wsichki bulgari w edin discord server za wsichki igri. Tuk shte mojete da obsujdate liubimite si igri, da razmenqte skinowe i predmeti, dori da obsujdate filmi, muzika, animeta. Servera e otworen za wseki bulgarin :)
We're a laid-back/social gaming community that loves to have fun! The majority of us play World of Warcraft, but a lot of us also play other games together too, and we are actively looking at expanding! World of Warcraft PUBG Warframe Fortnite Overwatch Terraria And more!
We are a community dedicated to bringing fans of Blizzard Games together. Here you will find chatrooms and text channels dedicated to all Blizzard Games! IIt's a great place to make friends, find a group to play, talk to others of your favorite games, whatever! Come join us!
Multi-Gaming, Mature Community of players. - EVE Online, World of Warcraft, Fortnight / PUBG, CS:GO, Ring of Elysium, and many retro games.
Stormrage Gaming is a gaming community where gamers from all walks of life can come together and just enjoy gaming.
Ésta es una comunidad enfocada a Tokyo Ghoul, anime-manga y videojuegos. ¡Si quieres conocer a gente hispanohablante con quien jugar o hablar sobre estos temas, estás en el lugar indicado! Aquí estamos todos para pasarlo bien, así que no dudes en quedarte. Estamos esforzándonos en crecer como comunidad, así que esperamos que disfrutes del servidor he invites a tus amigos.
Bienvenue dans le serveur LMP, un serveur dédié aux jeux qui est partit d'un délire entre amis. Vous y trouverez un staff accueillant et présent pour répondre a vos questions, une communauté aimable et sympathique avec qui parler et de la bonne humeur. Il ne vous reste plus cas nous rejoindre. Venez vite ^^