Wow Discord Servers

This is a FFA server where everyone gets admin
Öffentlicher Discord Server für World of Warcraft Spieler!
Just a discord server for those that play the unnoficial OlympoWoW server to be able to talk and chat for a bit
We're a general chatting/gaming server! We also have a guild on World of Warcraft!
This Server is for New Players in ( Fortnite|League of Legends|World of Warcraft )
We are a new server created with the passion of gaming. Come join us and discuss about games.
General recreational gaming Discord Server! Join with you and your friends and you get access to dozens of private voice channels to communicate in your game! Playing PUBG and need people for squad? Ask around in the Discord and join one of the many PUBG Channels to squad up! Need people for a WoW Raid? Join in and ask around! Need help in Overwatch? No problem! All ages are welcome, however mature language IS allowed, so its not for those who are easily offended.
A nice Discord for everyone! On this Discord Server you can see the newest gaming news and find friends to play games!
Es werden Blizzard Spiele ( gespielt und sich auf deutsch unterhalten. World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Overwatch, StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone und Destiny 2.
chill gaming server just looking for new people to play with.
Hey, welcome to The Whispering Wind! We're a discord-based roleplay server that has taken inspiration from a couple of different franchises such as D&D and the Warcraft Series. We are an Open-RP, however, we do use dice rolls in different circumstances such as in combat, dungeons, and loot drops. Our server also contains an inventory system that keeps tracks of your character's items/possessions along with an in-game economy & currency that can be used in both roleplay and practical applications. **Features** ○ Combat & Inventory Systems ○ In-Game Economy & Currency ○ Active Staff & GMs ○ Leveling & Progress System ○ Much more coming soon (time, weather, etc.) Lore The goddess blessed the magical orb now known as Alysium, an world which she prayed would be a great contrast compared to the other creations of the gods, one where life and existence had a purpose other than to be a play place for a higher power. With the last lines of her hymn complete the words wrapped alone the barren dark orb itself transforming it into a bright pure white sphere that began bursting with life as soon as it was created. Over ages sentience began to inflict these new inhabitants granting them great power and positions compared to any other creations up until that point. The other gods growing jealous of this goddess and her creations cast them into the eternal void where they could perish through a slow gruesome death. Knowing that her time was running out the goddess sacrificed herself for her planet saving it at the expense of her own life. Invite Link