Ww2 Discord Servers

Have you wanted to be part of something special? Something amazing? Something you will absolutely love and shall never want to leave? Well lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place, welcome to The German Reich. We have many things to do here and many perks: - Active Staff Members - Lots of memes - Economy - Many WW2 quizzes - Many new people to meet - Many bots to play around with - Dedicated Staff - An actuate WWII ranking system. - With every service that sided with the Axis Powers as well! Not just that, but we also have our own Political talks, Parties and Elections. We have Giveaways that you won’t want to miss out on, and much more! So come on down and click that invite link, you’ll regret not joining The German Reich and will have a blast while you’re here! https://discord.gg/AgXjVa8
This is a Historical Battle of Stalingrad RP. Follow the rules, there may be some inaccuracies. ERP is only allowed if I permit it lol xd
Hans's Family >;3 we discuss ww2, Politics, History and all. note: this server was just created
Deutscher Discord Server für Ps4 Gamer.Spiele: Gta online, Rainbow Six Siege, WW2, Fortnite und mehr.
If you like WW2 you should join this clan you will have fun and always have people to play with when we get more people
Welcome soldier! To the WWII Pacific Campaign. Here you can (commonly) RP as a U.S. Marine! oorah. or be a loyal to death Japanese soldier. Whatever you pick the battles will be fierce and fun. We have active staff and members however we are still new. Stop by, And welcome to the war!
Welcome to Easy Company, recruit! The setting of World War 2 RP is obviously 1939-1945, following in the tracks of the infamous Easy Company that starred in the hit TV series 'Band of Brothers'. With an ever-changing atmosphere, the entire continent of Europe to explore, and the killing of Nazi soldiers to be had, World War 2 RP provides a dynamic experience with various levels of roleplayers, roles (MOSs), ranks, and positions to play in the RP. Note: We strictly follow the rule that everyone must be a paratrooper within Easy Company, Third Platoon. This means that no standard players will be playing as the French Resistance, Germans, Russians, or any other nation that took part in the war.
Join this WWII roleplay server with a very in depth purchase system and very cool bots that make it possible!
Welcome to the lads Hideout!!!! Join this server for active gaming, colabs, and more!!! Also DM me to become a fully fledged lad!!! Cant wait to see you there!!
Its January 1938 , Europe has been in a state of peace for 20 years but new threats have emerged. Germany and Italy want European dominance, Japan wants power over Asia. Britain and France watch on as drama unfolds before them. Their old ally the USA is in isolation . Will these events lead to another Great War? Only time will tell...