Yiff Discord Servers

🤝 - NOW HIRING STAFF!!! - 💼 🆕 -New Furry Rave Channel's with 24/7 Furry Rave Music! 🆕- Commission Channel's- 🆕 - Gaming VC Lobbies - 👋 Welcome to diesel's bar and grill The best damn place to be if you are a furry ^^ We have ton's of Roleplay and Non-Roleplay Channel's even some NSFW one's Two UWU. 🍺 Diesel's Bar & Grill is the best place to be when looking for friends, romance, roleplay and more! We have NSFW bot's, Personal Art channel, Private rooms and loads more! Our staff members are always happy to help you at any time! 🍻 ⚠ 18+ ONLY ⚠ ✅ Join today! ✅
A NSFW furry server. MUST BE 18+ TO ACCESS! Full of all the yiff you could ask for! Can't find what you're looking for? Post your own, or ask someone! Have a suggestion? Let us know! We're always looking to make improvements! NSFW Bots and RP channels, just waiting to be used! Can't wait to see you there!
Anyone is welcome to join, with easy lounge areas and role-request, there's plenty to be had in the server. So come on in, eat some marshmallows and enjoy the night. This new, friendly Furry server aims to grow friendships and allow anyone from any back ground to join. We wish you a good time and hope to see you there.
Furry server dedicated to making friends and being excessively lewd. Rp and nsfw channels.
Plenty of people like to unwind at the bar after work with a drink, that's nothing special. But if work leaves you stressed out AND you just have an annoying itch , sometimes, you need to go to a different kind of bar. A place where the drinks are cold and stuffs are there to help you out with the annoying itch in your pants . A shady bar rp/erp. Lets drink and have some fun. 🥃 No underage users are allowed. Freeform character creation with simple rules. Multiple ic chatrooms for different room in the rp enviroment
(ノ・ω・)ノ we love dragon dongs
The nsfw sister to the Blue Zone, feel free to join either and enjoy your stay
This is a server for NSFW content however we also have channels were to talk and if you need help because you’re going through something hard we can also it doesn’t matter what
A place for kinks for hentai lovers and yiff lovers alike
A open minded server open to everybody. Here, you can share your interest whit others and your yiff ! We accept every kink.