Young Justice Discord Servers

A Young Justice BxB/M4M 18+ Roleplay Server with a cool main story. The introductory story goes like this: After all the girls from the Justice League and the Team go to a remote location/headquarters in the Amazon Forest to be trained by Wonder Woman and The Birds of Prey for a year, members of the Justice League and the Team begin to get lonely. They start to experiment with each other and have the time of their lives together! This is an NSFW BxB server and only queer males over the age of 18 are allowed. We currently only have 6 people and we're looking for more. We have a whole roster of characters to be filled including Justice Leaguers like Batman and Superman! So join now!
Hey! This literate roleplay server is based off Young Justice, a DC Comics animated show that can be found on Netflix. It features many roleplay locations, including the Watchtower, Gotham, Central City, Atlantis and more; and also allows Justice League characters. (A DC character you want to play who isn’t in the show, but still DC? Feel free to play them!) There is a 2-character limit, so you don’t have to pick between mentors and Young Justice - you can be one of each. Come on in and check out the server!
Join this fun roleplay where you can play all your favourite characters from young justice and teen titans! The Main Justice League have gone out of commission. They went missing about 3 months ago. During this time smaller teams started to fight for who would be the best at leading, eventually, the two sidekicks groups decided that they could both be able to run everything peacefully. But will they be able to find out where the original league has gone?