Yugioh Discord Servers

Tired of those lonely nights playing video games and watching anime? Do you ever feel like you don't "fit in" anywhere? What if I told you there was a place you could feel welcome? Well look no further! We are a fun, chill community that plays games such as league of legends and Osu! We host events such as anime night and game night, role play, along with individual factions within the server for clan wars. If you're interested in a positive community with tons of amazing people; then ProjectOnline is the PERFECT place for you.
Welcome to Duel Academy! Upon joining, you can either test to get into a higher tier or go directly into tier 3, where you will be given a starting deck. Work your way up the ranks in this revamp of the old, not-as-friendly Duel Academy. Dueling Nexus is required.
Level up, unlock permissions, get free stuff and have fun! 🌈Create yourself!🌈 Focuses: Clash Royale, League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh (Customs,Casual and Competitive), Minecraft, Nature & more. Artists, Animators, Creators, Leaders, Music Makers, Roleplayers, and fans are all invited. I, and future leaders, host regular tournaments and events in these games and categories that hold cool prizes. Rewards for most things, there are even guaranteed commissions! Ps: We help learn anything, including languages (Japanese, French, Spanish, and Klingon +), In depth categories for your needs.
We're a CYOC (create your own card) Yu-Gi-Oh server that utilizes the platform Dueling Nexus to duel amongst our creative exploits. If you'd like a safe haven, with a little of something else (*cough* *cough* pokecord?) then feel free to join us!
We are a growing guild where only your skill is the limit. We duel to win and for casual entertainment. We have the Academia, which is a nostalgia remix of the old Duel Academy, we have the Glory Ladder to challenge other skilled duelist, we have duelist ranks to prove your skill and last but not least, competitive tourneys. Be sure to check out and join TheFallenSoul, a yugioh dueling guild! Around 90 members in our first week, Wow! https://discord.gg/ZYfVpGx
A Yugioh GX duel school inspire RP where each dorm uses a different summoning method (excluding links).
This server is for fans of the earlier yu-gi-oh card game. The game has gotten fairly convoluted and this discord is to find others who like the original few years of it's inception
Hello everyone, my name is Ikuze, the owner of YuGiOh! Worldwide. I made this server because I wanted to be able to meet a lot of different people as well and grow as a person myself by meeting new people from all across the globe, hence the name "Worldwide." This server has multiple channels for almost all of the major countries and languages. For example, we have a Japanese Chat, Italian, Spanish, German, and Chinese. Those are just a few examples of what I have so far and I will continue to expand the server and add more chats and languages to allow more people to join from smaller countries and hopefully, still feel comfortable.
Welcome to Lazarus!! This was created for people who like all types of Card Games, and who want to talk about it with their respective players. Here you can talk about card games from Vanguard to the well known YuGiOh!! I really hope you like this server and have fun here, so... it's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!! (God that's cringey..)
Welcome to Code City, the first city in the world to introduce a fully automated VR experience. With the new K.C. VR Earpiece which allows you to enter a VR version of the city to do whatever you would like a game. We use the the Current TCG/OCG Banlist. A few things are limited to be locked for purchase within the rp. This is to allow a progression experience and not have someone with an amazing deck right off the bat. With that said, we allow either Nexus, Duelingbook, or YGOPro to duel. Since we are new, the following positions are available. Staff, Teacher, Headmaster. You are not limited to only be a Student, you may be whoever you would like. A simple restaurant owner, leader of a gang, or become a famous turbo duelist.
A brand new server, need more member and possibly mods, feel free to join ^^
This is a server for yugioh nexus players, also to chill and hangout